Saturday, February 8, 2020

Former priest in a parish church in Angeles, Pampanga calls every Filipino to help the government

As the issues on extra judicial k!llings, war on drugs as well as the opposition backlashing the administration are getting fierier and fierier each day to the point, people are already pointing fingers whose fault it is to blame.
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Fr. Andres Ramos, former parish priest of Holy Rosary Parish Church in Angeles City expressed his sentiments regarding this matter about Filipinos who put the blame on the government when all else fails.

He pointed out that as the citizens of the nation, every one is also accountable to the many problems the country is suffering right now so blaming the government cannot help healing the wounds of the nation for everyone needs to do their part – that is to put aside personal biases and prejudices for the nation to unite as one.

In his full appeal in Facebook, Fr. Ramos said,


As an ordinary Filipino who loves our beloved country, the PHILIPPINES, I am appealing to all of you, please let us HELP OUR GOVERNMENT AND BE PART OF THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS RATHER THAN CONDEMNING IT AND PUTTING THE BLAME ON IT.

Everyone of us is part and parcel of the many problems our beloved country, the PHILIPPINES has suffered a lot nowadays. Do we politicians, members of the civil society groups, policemen, soldiers, bishops, priests, religious priests and nuns, seminarians mediamen, businessmen, professionals and/or any ordinary citizens of this country pretend not to be contributing to these problems? O come on, let us be honest to ourselves! 

If we answer to this question with yes, then we are LIARS and HYPOCRITES and we tend to be acting like PONTIUS PILATE who washed his hands and put the blame on other to save himself.

As a majority Christian ( Catholic in a strict sense) country, we cannot afford to be acting as if we are putting ourselves out of the entire picture and put the blame onto others. Pointing out our fingers and judging others as to whom the fault is, cannot help heal the wounds and to letting go off the problems that our beloved country the PHILIPPINES is facing nowadays. Putting an end to these problems is very urgent. It is a call for a concerted effort from all of us and an immediate and appropriate action. It is every “juan’s or juana’s” business.

As a concern citizen who loves his/her country and who believes that this is God’s wake up call to all of us, let us JOIN HAND AND WORK FOR A UNIFIED GOAL TOGETHER AS A NATION! If we love our country as a Filipino/Filipina and believe that this the only country we have of which we can call it our own and as God’s people, let us not allow ourselves to be destructed by our self seving motivation, be ruined by our “CRAB MENTALITY” and be destroyed by our “PHARISICAL ATTITUDE”. Now is the perfect timing for us to put aside our own biases and prejudices. Let us then forget our personal interest and give importance to the common good and to work hand in hand for the greater glory of God. As a NATION, if we are able to address these problems efficiently and effectively in a short period of time as a manifestation of our LOVE and SACRIFICE for our country, it is then that we are worthy to be considered FILIPINOS and PEOPLE OF GOD.

Let us remember this saying, “Being divisive is the work of evil. The desire for unity, peace and solidarity is a by-product of being God fearing and God’s chosen one”. Thank you so much. MAY THE LORD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES ABUNDANTLY WITH PEOPLE OF GOOD HEART AND SACRIFICE."


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