Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Babaeng hindi mahilig uminom ng tubig may babala: "Drink water before it's nearly too late like me".

We need to drink water to survive. In fact, our body is approximately 60 percent water, our brain is 70 percent water, and our lungs are nearly 90 percent water. We need at least 2.4 liters every day, to keep hydrared. However, instead of drinking lots of water a day, others prefer carbonated drinks and flavorful juices.
Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas / Photo from her Facebook account

Water is essential for the kidneys to function well. Not enough water in the body can result to kidney failure. This is a lesson learned the hard way by a netizen named Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas.

On her Facebook post, Joana tags herself as a “water hater”. She drinks water every now and then, but she never really reached the recommended 2 liters a day and opts to drink fit and right and other juices.

It was until she was rushed to the hospital three months ago that her family discovered that her kidney had swollen over 100 times.
Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas / Photo from her Facebook account

She then understood the unexplainable pain she felt on her lower back a few weeks before this happened. Doctors also found out that kidney crystals already started to form, and that her kidney was already starting to deteriorate. Doctors gave her safety precautions to make sure that this will not happen again.

However, she was rushed to the Health Serv Los Banos Hospital last March 2 at around 10 pm. She felt cold. She was trying to to call her mom, siblings, and grandmother with her eyes wide open but words are not coming out of her mouth. Also, according to her, she knows that her mother is talking to her but she can’t see and hear anything at all. All she can do was pray, “Lord ‘wag muna po ngayon.”

Thankfully, her prayers were answered and she survived what seemed like the worst. The doctors told her family that she suffered from dehydration and loss of oxygen in her body. Her doctor also warned her to always drink water for her own good.

In Joana’s full post on Facebook, she said:


I am a water hater, YES water HATER. Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit basta ayaw ko ng tubig umiinom naman ako kahit papano pero hindi ko naachieve si 2Liters a day. Mahilig ako sa fit and right, juices. Last 3months ago I was rushed sa hospital don na namin napag alaman na nag over 100 na yung pamamaga ni kidney na dapat 2 or 3 and like OVER 100 na sakin, kaya that time hindi talaga ako makatagal sa school may iniinda akong sakit na hindi ko maexplain lower left back which is yun na nga namamaga na pala si kidney. I got kidney crystals and then nung tumagal yung kidney ko unti unti ng bumibigay. I take the procedures kung ano dapat gawin lahat.
 Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas / Photo from her Facebook account
 Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas / Photo from her Facebook account
Joana Krisha Cha Dueñas / Photo from her Facebook account

But last night 10PM I was rushed sa hospital @healthserveLB bigla na lang akong tulala and biglang nanlamig yung buong katawan ko. lumalaban ako my eyes are OPEN yes nakaopen siya hinahanap ko sI mama yung mga kapatid ko si lola pero I cant speak as in tulala na ewan I dont know why kung bakit di ako makarespond after 5 minutes I know nakaopen parin sI mata ko pero nagblack out yung tingin ko andalim sobra pero nakamulat parin ako. Wala akong makita then bigla akong nabingi wala nakong marinig di ko na maintindihan sinasabi nila mama pero nung nirurush nako nila mama sa hospital ramdam ko yung kamay niya alm ko nandiyan siya natakot ako hindi ako makapag salita kaya mas pinili ko nalang pumikit at magdasal sabi ko sa isip isip ko "Lord wag muna po ngayon" then suddenly nakakita nko then unti unti ko nang naririnig yung mga tao sa paligid ko nagising ako nasa hospital na. Ang result na nakuha sakin sobrang dehydrated nawawalan na kasi daw yung oxygen yung katawan ko and mas na triggered siya na humina katawan ko kasi may sakit kasi ako kahapon and ngayon. Last warning ni doc "IHA MAGTUBIG KA PLEASE OR ELSE". Doc let me go home kaninang 5am kasi feeling ko pag nasa hospital ako unti unti akong pinapatay.

"Drink water before it's nearly too late like me".


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