Thursday, March 18, 2021

Ivana Alawi, Gave a Shopping spree reward to the Vendor of "Kutsinta" whom she called Tatay on her last vlog

Every filipino knows about the social media influencial Ivana Alawi. Aside from showbiz she shines as the most influencer with a kind-hearted person. Her last vlog touches the heart of netizens.

Ivana, disguised as a homeless person from baguio, begging money from people on the street with her dirty shirt, and bag from baguio, she used on giving the reward to all the people with a kind heart. 

She's holding a cart box with a message saying “Tulong lang po.. Pamasahe para makauwi na ako sa Baguio, pls.. po.”

As she roams around manila, she met good Samaritans, she gave a thousand for every peso of Good Samaritan, Ivana highly appreciated and thankful for every single peso that was given to her in exchange for the every ones kindness.

One of them who touches the heart of Ivana Alawi, He is Mang Joselito, kutsinta vendor, aside from the money (20 pesos) that he was given to Ivana, he also offered food and softdrinks. Mang Joselito started to touch the heart of Ivana. Ivana also asked Mang Joselito if it is okay with him if Ivana addressed him "Tatay".

As Ivana became emotional, she handed P20,000 to Mang Joselito. Mang Joselito cried he didn't expect the blessing in his hand just for helping someone in need. As Ivana left Tatay Joselito, Ivana didn't forget about Tatay Joselito and decided to find and help him again.

This photo shows that Ivana Alawi bought appliances and gadgets for Mang Joselito. Netizens admired Ivana Alawi even more as they dubbed her the Goddess of beauty and goodness.


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