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Philippine Celebrities’ Alleged DEEPEST, MOST CONTROVERSIAL secrets

Compiled and farmed from the recent thread at Reddit/Ph Some of it are true, some maybe not. You be the judge.
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Best to take these with a grain of salt since these were shared by anonymous netizens.

1. Rico yan di*d from suic*de. 
He knew about the score with Claudine and Raymart and Claudine had to abort their child. Rico couldn't handle the situation and went high on dr*gs. Commited suic*de afterwards. Yun pala reason kaya galit na galit family ni Rico kay Claudine.

2. Atong Ang and Gretchen Baretto sleeps together. Tina Tagle also hinted about it on her blogs. Apparently Atong also bangs Claudine.

3. Ruffa Gutierrez is a paid high-end escort. Also, they said that's the reason why Ruffa ended up with Bektas, a Turkish 'mobster', due to this pimping business of Anabelle. The Sultan of Brunei, Bolkiah, had Ruffa delivered to him at Forbes Park.

4. Paul Soriano was caught having an affair with Erich.

5. (Eto mas confirmed at open naman talaga) Marjorie Baretto is the mistress of Echiverri. Gretchen even alluded to it when she was on rage mode a few months back by saying that after Clau and her, si Echiverri nag paaral sa mga anak ni Marjorie.

6. (Open talaga) Danding Cojuangco's mistress for the past 20 years is Aileen Damileng, a former beauty queen. They have 2 daughters. You can see their photos all over her instagram.

7. Kim Domingo used to work for a club but strictly no touching/s3x. Apparently, Manny Pacquiao "visits" her on weekends. Taas siguro ng fee niya ngayon. Kim Domingo is apparently a high end paid escort. She was anal-ed by Ginebra's governor Alfrancis Chua which is why she got the stint to become Ginebra's muse hahaha.

8. Some say that 22 out of the 24 from the 24k girls of the show deal or no deal are high end escorts and use the show to market themselves with the assistant direk as the pimp. Ang modus, may tatawag kay asst. direk after the show at mag tatanong kung pwede ibook itong si suitcase # whatever. Think of it as an aquarium sa spa pero thru TV. Pag uusapan nila ang presyo at may cut si direk sa "talent" fee nila. Price range from 12k a night to 150k and some of the regular clients are high profile politicians.

9. Most loveteams are fake/pilit. I remembered when the guy in a popular love team (James Reid), naka sabay ko sa elevator sa condo. He is with this 'hot girl' they are "sort of making out”. The girl she is with is "way way hotter" than his love team team. kahit anung magazine pang mag sabi na sexiest yung ka love team nya.

10. Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are also MADE UP.

11. Richard GOMEZ had a light buld shoved up his *ss back in the 90’s by either Ben Chan (owner of Bench, and is why he’s ALWAYS in every Bench commercials back then), or Jaime Ayala. Richard had to travel all the way to Hong Kong just to have his *ssh0le stitched.

12. Kris Aquino had STD courtesy of Joey Marquez 

13. Piolo Pascual is Gay.

14. Angel Aquino is Bi/Gay.

15. Bea Alonzo is/was Bi (she had a girlfriend before).

16. Alden Richards is also on the list of closeted gay celebs.

17. Sen. Bong Revilla tried getting
 cozy with Ellen Adarna using lewd text messages. He also did this to a couple of other women.

18. Kat Alano and Mo Twister had drunken s3x.

19. Model Tina Wells and Michelle Madrigal apparently had a one-night stand with Kobe Bryant.

20. Manny Pacquiao “gifted” Erich Gonzales to Kobe Bryant for a one-night stand.

21. Hayden Kho doesn't sleep with virg*ns.

22. List of Vice Ganda’s boys are: Terrence Romeo, Zeus, Ronnie Alonte, and a few other UAAP players.

23. Halos lahat nang public TV show ng abs ay fixed. Lalo na yun PBB. Marami sa mga contestant don di naman nila nakuha sa wild. More than half don may backer sa abs. Nagulat ba kayo bakit bigla nila tinangal yun "live"? Kasi kumakalat don baho nila. Tignan niyo yun mga contestants, pagsikat na don lumalabas na modelo pala, mayaman pala.

24. Sa abs may backer system don. Kahit di ka talaga sumisikat, magkakaprojects ka pa din kung malakas backer mo. Meron rin mga tao na magugulat kayo sumusulpot lang bigla pag birthday nila o kaya kakasal sila? Sikat pa ba to bakit nila finefeature to? Ang pangit umarte nito bakit kinukuha pa to? Gotta ask yourself, ano kaya habol ng mga backer don? Hehe. Example: Wenn Deramas always had DJ Durano sa mga projects niya.

25. ung bigla nagbakasyon sa ibang bansa yun artista, maalki chance buntis yon. Sa ibang bansa magpapal*glag. THIS IS COMMON IN THE INDUSTRY. DON'T BE FOOLED. Buti pa yun isa no umamim. Di na tuloy gumana yun BS machine nang ABS pero sinubukan nila sa umpisa. Umamim alng talga yun artista. Examples are Rhian Ramos and KC Concepcion.

26. Nalala nyo yun Anne curtis bar incident? Totoo yon. Galing nila no naginterview pa sila nang artista nila para ideny na nangyari yon kahit na nagsorry si anne curtis at maraming tao ang nakakita don?

27. Halos lahat nang "celebrity couples" ay gimik lang. Halos lahat don nagkadevelopan lang dahil ineecounrage sila na lagi dapat sila magkasama kahit saan. fixed rin yun mga overseas travels nila. Pagpapakita nang pictures sa insta/twitter? All fixed. Kuha kayo picture tapos smile kayo nang grabe tapos iupload niyo para makilig mga tungangerks.

28. Dr*gs are rampant in the industry. Kung meron dapat iamb*sh ng dr*g test ang police, dapat unahin nila yun mga artista. Despite the anti-dr*g craze, everyone knows that to survive the shooting hours and numerous gigs per day, kailangan mag-sh*bu ng ilang artista. Si Nora Aunor nagkamali kasi dinala yung habit sa US e wala naman siyang influence dun.

29. Willie is not that rich anymore. tanga to. Umalis nang abs dahil kay jobert. Malakas pa gumastos. May pera parin siya pero di na katulad nung nasa abscbn siya o earlyt TV5. Ilang beses na sya binigyan ang chance ng panginoon pero matapobre pa rin.

30. Jessy Mendiola is/was the classic Lopez girl. Anyone who’s under the protection of Lopez is untouchable. Imagine the trade-off.

31. KC Concepcion daw is nymph0mani*c.

32. KC Concepcion caught Piolo and Mark Bautista having s3x. That’s why they broke up. Ito kasing si KC, ha, alam na niyang bading si Piolo. Nakipagbreak sa boyfriend noon at gustong gusto na may rebound na bongga. Malakas nanay sa network, kaya ginawan ng love team. Biglang naging sila daw, ano pa ba magagawa nung isa, kakalabanin mo ba si Mega star sa network niya? Mabait din kasi masyado itong si Piolo, kaya pinabayaan na lang. Ayaw lang kasi kumagat sa landi ni KC, hindi sanay si spoiled brat na hindi makuha ang gusto, ayun, nagiiiyak sa TV. Kaya maraming bading sa showbiz na asar diyan.

33. Mark Bautista has a BIG BIRD for a pet.

34. Yung si Mimi Ong na sumikat sa post nya tungkol sa expectations about guys, nag-e-escort service siya. Minsan nakakabanas lang na puro sya preach about living independently and being financially stable pero yung means naman how to "achieve" it eh tagilid. May post pa sya na parang "Early gift to myself. iPhone 8 Plus 256gb." Aba talagang kasama pa kung ilan yung GB?

35. Angel Locsin costs 150K a night. Ka-gym nung tito ko si Bong Tan. Kwento nya one time nakasabay nila sa gym si Angel Locsin. Nakita daw niya bigla lang pinasok ni Bong Tan yung kamay nya sa ilalim ng t-shirt ni AL tapos hinihipuan. Parang wala lang daw si Angel.

36. Gretchen Fullido had a one night stand with Craig David. Paparazzis saw them checking in a hotel together.

37. Joey Marquez was caught borking Benjie Paras's former wife by the kids (Jackie Forster). This is why the Paras brothers hate their mom with a vengeful fury.

38. JLC really wanted to preg Ellen Adarna. He saw it as a getaway ticket out of his contracts at Star Cinema (Im quite happy for him and Ellen).

49. May "secret" na kwarto sa ABS-CBN na ginagamit ni Lopez para sa mga bagong talents.

40. Hiwalay si Francis M at si Pia at may ibang pamilya na siya bago mamatay. Bumbibisita rin raw ang bagong GF ni Francis M at the time sa ospital noong nakaconfine ito. Pero hindi ko sure kung talagang hiwalay na sila.

41. Erich & Pacquiao, Erich & drug lord, Erich & old businessman. Erich reaaaaally went around.

42. Totoong rapist at many*k si Vhong, alam ng lahat. Rumor has it that he dr*gged Deniece Cornejo which is why her friends smacked him to bits. Deniece is not the only woman he dr*gged and r*ped, look for Kat Alano.

43. Richard Guttierez (kapatid ni Ruffa) was driving when he had an accident that kill*d his PA. His momager and network paid and fought tooth and nail to shut it down. The family of the PA was paid a hefty sum to withdraw the charges against the actor.

44. Bianca Gonzales' husband has a small d*ck according to Ellen Adarna (Sinabi nya sa isang interview with Mo).

45. Perhaps everyone already knows that FHM doesn't pay for their cover girls. And these girls agree to be featured as sort of a promotion.

46. Jojo Veloso, s*rial r*pist

47. Maja Salvador has halitosis.

48. Marian locked Bela Padilla inside the CR, allegedly coz Bela performed oral s3x on dingdong. Marian is not friends with any of GMA’s top leading ladies (almost all of them has worked with dingdong) because of her paranoia. she's had confrontations with them accusing them of ho0king up with her beau.

49. Pia Wurtzbach is rumored to be one of Chavit’s women before.

50. Si Cindy Kurleto madaming lisa (lice eggs or nits) sabi nung hairstylist sa isang shoot. Pumuputok kasi kapag nag straightening iron ng hair.

51. Ping Lacson is gay. Diether is one of his boytoy. miss ping has a kink in watching two actors do the deed. allegedly off’d some people too. The late senator MDS was very colorful of her words for the gay senator.

52. Joyce Bernal and Gil Cuerva was caught having s3x inside a car on the parking lot by Mike Enriquez.

53. From GTWM (Good Times With Mo) Podcast interview with Osang. Ted Failon is well hung. Philip Salvador over acts like an action star in bed, with shouting and panget facial expressions.

54. Kuya Germs was allegedly a ped0/epheb. don't know if true, but his relationship with Billy and Jake were lowkey creepy nonetheless.

55. Nagpabackround check ang family ni Sarah Genonimo kay Matteo when it was discovered that he's from a wealthy clan in Cebu. He passed “the test” kaya may “acceptance” na sya mula kay Mommie Divine.

56. Open secret na Marvin Agustin is gay, right? But I remember my cousin telling me years ago na si Angel Locsin ang dahilan ng break-up ni Marvin at Pauleen. Marvin allegedly got Angel pregnant but she had ab0rted the baby. And it wasn't her first rodeo daw. I think it was around the same time na nag-out of the country siya for a while to take a fashion-related short course. Remember that?? May nangyari ba sa tinake nyang course??? Anyway, nalaman ng pinsan ko yun kasi naospital yata si Pauleen non tapos chinismis yata ng tita ni Pauleen yon to some nurses. Tapos chinismis na ng mga nurses sa kasamahan nila. Not sure if it was true though.

57. Marky Cielo committed su*cide because his manager/handler refused to let him go kahit na nakipagbreak na sya.

58. Jamila Obispo the teen mom from PBB Teens 1 is a Thera/GRO at Airforce 21.

59. Yen Santos is Chavit Singson’s chick. There actually was a guy shot d*ad because he sort of courted Yen. And nagpapagawa siya sa hometown niya now ng malaking building.

60. Andre Paras broke up with Barbie Forteza nung nalaman ni Guy na si Dennis Trillo (ultimate crush ni Barbie) ang nakauna kay Girl. sabi sa blind item, underage si girl when DT took her virg*nity.

61. Andrea Brillantes and her "dukit" vid. Sya talaga yun after a thorough forensic investigation by the socmed police. Yung kwarto nya eh same na same dun sa featured segment nya sa isang TV show. Nababalita pa na may bowa sya ngaun na anak ng 90's Hunk Actor. Inuuwi nya daw yung guy (who's also underaged) at sa kwarto sila naglalaro ng jak en poy. Walang magawa yung parents nya kase sya ang breadwinner ngaun. Balita rin na sadyang "mainit" tong si andrea. Check nyo nalang IG nya at matutunaw mga mata nyo

62. Toni Gonzaga and Anne Curtis smells garlic most of the time. Staff and crew revealed amoy nilang dalawa, it was leaked years ago that both of them actually eat garlic as their snacks.

63. Darren Espanto is bis3xual

64. Vice Ganda gives food to participants in noontime show, It's showtime! One of the participants of TNT revealed that one time, vice got little mad to the staff whom forgot to distribute the food to participants.

65. Daniel Matsunaga won PBB due to budgetary constraints of the show. They let Daniel won because madali lang ang negotiation of the prize, knowing that he entered late and he had his manager w/ him para iexplain ng production.

66. Maymay Entrata wanted to quit showbiz due to str3ss and uncomfortableness. Bestfriend of Maymay expressed her side about that matter on social media and was caught by the manager of Maymay, It was then Deleted.

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