Saturday, April 22, 2023

Huling supresa ng isang ama sa kanyang anak

Viral ngayon sa social media ang nakakaantig na kuwentong ibinahagi ng event organizer na si Ymer tungkol sa huling supresa ni 'Kuya Pidot' sa kanyang anak.
Photo credit: Ymer Gallejos

"On March 27, Kuya Pidot (Right in red shirt) and his wife ate Daisy, booked a car trunk surprise to us (Ohrganza) for their daughter Trexia (left) who is turning 17 on April 14. From the time it was booked to us, Kuya Pidot didn't miss a day to follow-up up to the time of its delivery. He would call/chat/videocall me in the morning and at night to make sure that everything is okay. He would say: “Mer surpise yan hah. First time kasi yan. Gusto ko masupresa yung anak ko,” kuwento ni Ymer sa kanyang post.

I felt the eagerness in him to make her daughter happy. I felt a love that is so pure and great. 

On April 14 (day of delivery), he called me, informing me that he can't be there because he's at work. But to my surprise, when we delivered it, he's actually there. Far excited than his daughter. 

When we executed the surprise, his daughter was so happy and even cried. And when I looked at Kuya Pidot, I saw him teary-eyed. There, I saw so much love for her daughter. Though he has work that day, he cant afford to leave and he just stayed," wika pa niya.

Kasunod nito ang nakakagulat at nakakalungkot na balitang kanyang natanggap.

"This afternoon (April 17) at around 11:00 AM, I received a bad news that Kuya Pidot passed away. Presumably due to heart attack in the midst of his work in the construction. I was saddened. Quickly, I remember our car trunk surpise which I plan to post the picture today, this afternoon. Kuya Pidot, you're such a great father. Salute!" saad niya.


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