Monday, May 11, 2020

Kris Aquino sinagot ang tanong kung bakit hindi na-renew ang franchise ng ABS-CBN sa panahon ni PNoy

Tila naasar ang Queen of all media na si Kris Aquino ng tanungin siya ng isang netizen sa Instagram kung bakit hindi ni-renew ng kanyang kapatid na si dating Pangulong Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III ang prangkisa ng ABS-CBN.
Kris Aquino / Photo credit: Yahoo Finance

Politely, i shall answer as politely & factually as i am capable: i wasn’t a member of the NTC, an elected member of Congress, a part of what was then DOTC.

“And most importantly i was not privy to the inner workings & dealings of the highest level of management decisions of my former home network.

“To refresh your memory, i haven’t been a contract star of ABS CBN since the end of January, 2016- more than 4 years have passed… 

“I am hopeful you will allow someone who has chosen to keep her silence, knowing that anything she says can be misinterpreted to suit the negative agenda of those who wish to only create more negativity, the peace she has fought hard to deserve.

“I want to share some of my blessings with other mothers and their families because i believe you EARN your VOICE and not just as senseless noise because you have genuine concern & compassion for others. 

“In other words- you walk the talk. If my answer didn’t satisfy you, i suggest i-tweet mo or post mo sa FB yung tanong mo sa KAPATID ko, himself. After all, hindi nya ko spokesperson.”

Tila hindi naman kuntento ang mga netizens sa naging sagot ni Kris.

“She’s an actor. That’s what she’s good at. Of course she is aware. She’s guilty like her brother. Blood is thicker than water.”

“Kris definitely has no interests in anything that won’t benefit her esp at this juncture. BESIDES PHILS HAD NO GOVT FROM 2010 TO 2016.”

Kamakailan sa kanyang live chat sa Instagram, tinanong si Kris ng kanyang mga fans kung posible pa bang magkaroon muli siya ng isang talkshow.

“Hindi ganu’n kadali yun kasi wala naman akong network of my own so. Honestly, this is also part of my journey to accept na there are certain things na from the past na baka hindi na babalik to what it was.

“So, I’m really okay with what I have and with who I have in my life. So if I’ll never have a TV show again, I’m fine with that because I’ve had some of the best already and some of the most wonderful experiences.

“If something special does come and merong dumating then I’ll be the most grateful person kasi hindi ko yun ini-expect na mangyayari. So who knows di ba? 

“Parang now you realize na life is really so unpredictable. Hindi mo alam kung anong mangyayari, hindi mo alam kung anong naitadhana para sa yo,” sabi ni Kris.


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