Friday, March 19, 2021

Chai Fonacier tinawag na "As*hole" si Matteo Guidicelli

Sa isang Facebook post ng Indie aktres na si Chai Fonacier, tinawag nitong “Asshole” ang aktor-athlete na si Matteo Guidicelli.
Chai Fonacier and Matteo Guidicelli // Composite photos from PEP and Inquirer

Nagmula ang reaksiyon ni Fonacier sa isang Instagram post ni Guidicelli kung saan nakasaludo ito sa watawat ng Pilipinas at may caption na, “Salute to the flag, salute to our beautiful country! We challenge YOU, especially our colleagues in the showbiz industry. Instead of talking smack about different issues, why not unite so we may progress to make a better tomorrow. What do you think?"

Sa kanyang post ay may isang netizen na tila hindi sang-ayon sa mensahe ni Guidicelli.

"Lol you allied with the AFP which is probably one of the least patriotic organisations in the country. It's more concerned with defending foreign capitalists and big businesses (e.g. mining) than safeguarding the people's welfare," sabi ng netizen na si Laurence Castillo.

Sinagot naman ito ni Guidicelli. "I suggest you just stop talking. Thanks.”

Sa Facebook post ni Fonacier, tila kinampihan nito ang netizen na si Castillo at sinabing walang alam si  Guidicelli sa totoong nangyayari sa Pilipinas. 

Narito ang kanyang buong post:

"No matter how many feeding programs he does, Matteo GOYO-celli doesn't know shit about this country.
Chai Fonacier / Photo credit: The Philippine Star

He never had people close to him die as collateral damage, he never was poverty stricken because if he ever does, DADA is always there for him. Never has he slept on hard floors not by his choice, never has he had to wait for payment from clients while having only fifty pesos in his pocket. Never had to worry for rent being late.

For sure he worked hard towards where he is now. What he doesn't realize is he had a head start.

But hey, the privileged mofo has the gall to tell people to shut up. Because you know what? He was never put in a position where he has to complain for his rights.

Drag him and clock him and read him for filth. There's a word for people like him: ASSHOLE."


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