Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Indian man to sue parents for giving birth to him without ‘his consent’: "We don’t owe our parents anything"

An Indian man has recently gone viral for posting a video on Youtube explaining that he plans to sue his parents in court for bringing him in the world without his consent.
Raphael Samuel / Photo from Hindustan Times

Born without consent

The Indian man named Raphael Samuel recently posted his video on Youtube and his said that the reason for his actions is to make people realize that they are being born without their consent.

I want them to understand that they do not owe their parents anything,” Samuel argued. “And I also want to know that if we are born without their consent, that we should be maintained for the rest of their lives. We should be paid to live.”

Your parents don’t own you

Samuel believes in antinatalism. He believes that while parents did birth us into the world was the reason for your life, they do not own you.
Photo credit to the owner
Photo credit to the owner

He says that children are individuals and not investments of parents.

He adds that parents should not have any control over the decisions of their children as they are their own person and have the right to decide for themselves.

"Your parents don't own you. You do not need to do anything for them. You do not need to come under their blackmail, you do not need to listen to them. If you feel like, do it," he said.
Photo credit to the owner
Photo credit to the owner

Samuel’s mother supportive

Amidst this rather unusual point of view, Samuel’s mother seems to be supportive of him.

Kavita Karnad Samuel, his mother, says that she is okay with her and her husband being sued by their own child.

"If Raphael could come up with a rational explanation as to show how we could have sought his consent to be born, I will accept my fault," Kavite said.

I’m very happy that my son has grown up into a fearless, independent thinking young man. He is sure to find his path to happiness,” she added.

Watch his video below:

Source: Inquirer

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