Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Leaked: Pres. Marcos’ letter to Sen. Enrile asking to treat martial law prisoners “humanely”

Former President Ferdinand Marcos was painted in history books as a ruthless tyrant who only sought power for himself and committed many human rights violations during Martial Law.
Former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. / Photo credit to the owner

But netizen Faith Cabanilla presented stark evidence of Marcos’ humanness and humanity in his letter dated April 17, 1973 addressed to Senator Ponce Enrile who was Defense Minister during that time.

The former President’s message requested Enrile to provide “amenities of life” to detainees in Forts Magsaysay and Bonifacio which consisted of personal belongings, toiletries, and religious items.

Marcos also asked to Enrile to give Php 4,000 to the wife of former Senator Jose Diokno who was also detained during Martial Law.

While Marcos did not want the detainees to be able to communicate with each other, he emphasized that they should be treated humanely.

Read the full letter of Marcos below:

"April 17, 1973

Sec. J. Ponce Enrile,

See to it that the detainees in Fort Magsaysay as well as those in Fort Bonifacio are given the amenities of life. I understand that their personal belongings, bible, prayer book, shaving kits etc. were taken from them. Mrs. Diokno claims that P4,000 was taken from her husband and not delivered to her; that her husband is kept in a room that is completely closed and treated oppressively.

Let us prevent the prisoners from transmitting secret messages as they have been doing. But let us treat them humanely.

Ferdinand Marcos"

 Faith Cabanilla Facebook post

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