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TIGNAN: Liham ni Ninoy Aquino tungkol sa proyekto ni Imelda Marcos, naungkat muli

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Naging mainit na usapin sa social media kamakailan ang kumalat ang umano'y sulat ng dating senador Ninoy Aquino kung saan pinuri niya ang proyekto ng dating unang ginang Imelda Romualdez Marcos matapos niyang maging kritiko nito.

Mababasa sa sulat ang pagpuri at pasasalamat ng dating senador sa proyekto ni Gng. Marcos na pagpapatayo ng Philippine Heart Center dahil isa siya sa mga nakinabang rito kahit noong una'y binatikos niya ang proyektong ito.


May 7, 1980

1900 HRS


I still have not received any word whether I'll be permitted to go to Dallas. But I would like to  express my profoundest gratitude for your concern and the efficiency of your staff. In the past, I've been most critical of the First Lady's project.

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Now that I've seen what she's done here at the Heart Center - I take back all my harsh words - hoping I do not choke. Mrs Marcos deserves all the credit for giving our people such an institution like your Heart Center. It is indeed ironical that one of her bitterest critics would be a beneficiary of her foresight. When the ultimate mist of controversy is melted by the rising sun her works for our people will find final recognition.

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Thanks ever so much for everything and I pray, God will give me the chance to make amends and be of service to you and your benefactor in the not too distant future.



Samantala, wala pang pahayag ang pamilya Aquino patungkol sa kumalat na sulat na ito.

Photo credits: Ccky Rocky FB

Photo credits: Ccky Rocky FB

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