Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Catholic bishop arrested for embezzlement of $600,000 from church

Bishop Jose Ronaldo Ribeiro of the Diocese of Formosa in Brazil, along with 6 other priests were arrested by police for embezzling $600,000 worth of church funds.
Photo credit: Kicker Daily News

The bishop and priests were arrested on March 19 during an operation called “Caiaphas.”

There were several warrants made in Formosa, Posse and Planaltina.

It was found out that the money that was stolen they got from collection boxes, tithes, donations, and wedding and baptism fees in the churches of the cities previously mentioned.
Photo credit: Kicker Daily News
Photo credit: Kicker Daily News

The police found $21,000 worth of cash inside a cabinet with a false bottom in Planaltina that belonged to Fr. Epitácio Cardoso Pereira.

The Judge for the case, Judge Fernando Oliveira Samuel, has said that the priests used the money they took to buy a ranch in order to raise livestock, as well as a store where they sold lottery tickets.
Photo credit: Kicker Daily News
Photo credit: Kicker Daily News

In addition to that, it is possible that the vehicles acquired by the diocese were intended for Fr. Moacyr Santana’s personal use in the city of Posse,” Judge Samuel said.

A similar occurrence has been found out in the Diocese of Janauba when Ribeiro was the bishop there. This according to Douglas Chegury.


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