Monday, April 6, 2020

Open letter to Gab Valenciano for asking Duterte to step down: "You have an extremely stupid behavior"

Isang open letter para kay Gab Valenciano, anak ni Gary Valenciano, ang viral ngayon sa social media matapos ang pahayag nitong bumaba na lamang sa pwesto si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte, at kung hindi ay silang mga kritiko ang gagawa ng paraan upang bumaba ito.
Gab Valenciano / Photo credit to the owner

Sa Twitter post ni Gab, sinabi nitong “pure idiocy” ang ginawang hakbang at solusyon ng gobyerno upang labanan ang kinakaharap na problema ng buong bansa.
Screencap from Twitter

Sa Facebook post ng netizen na si Ram MG Labra, hindi nito pinalagpas ang mga naging pahayag ni Gab.

Ayon kay Labra, si Gab umano ay “out of tune” pagdating sa pag-iisip. Iyon umano ang tinatawag na “idiocy.”

Hinamon rin ni Labra si Gab na magpakita ng pruweba sa sinasabi niyang corrupt si Pangulong Duterte. 

"You are accusing then it follows that you have your credibility with you and the burden of truth is in you," sabi ng netizen.

Sa huli ay hinamon ni Labra si Gab na gawin ang sinasabi nitong patatalsikin nila si Pangulong Duterte at kung hindi ay silang mga supporters ng Pangulo ang magdadala sa kanya sa Mental Hospital.

Narito ang buong post:

“To: Gabriel "Gab" Valenciano

Your father is a good Christian professional singer, and you as his son is pretty damned out of tune not in literal music but in the music that flows harmoniously in human mind's correct thinking. 

And you know, this behavior is what called it "idiocy". You have an extremely stupid behavior! Let us make a little bit of dissection here.

Speaking of "corruption" as you said, is "idiocy" in the part of President Duterte and "one way of stealing our money". When did the president steal the people's money? I am challenging you to make a good exhibit of your proofs and evidences with veracity. You are accusing then it follows that you have your credibility with you and the burden of truth is in you OTHERWISE, let's go back to music: YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DISGUSTING NOISY CLANGING CYMBALS that ruined the melody. Then, "put your own people at risk". Let us go back to music again moron! The title of the song by which all Filipino people refused to sing is COVID 19 PANDEMIC. Did the president welcome the virus to inflict his people? Did he help the carriers spread it for us to suffer? If not, then what is he doing?

Are you really in your mind as your face tells us that actually you are not! The president is risking his whole being just to protect his people from the pangs of death brought to us by COVID 19. 

He is risking our national treasury, realigning the national budget just to have this pestilence stop. He is fighting 24/7 with his cabinet departments and his whole administration is virus underseiged. 

In this war, the death of his committed servants in the frontlines, serves as sacrificial offerings just to save the lives of many. Nobody wants COVID 19, do you? 

Now, I am not disappointed by your post simply because there is nothing good from you since then (remember campaign period?). 

What's this message of mine conveying is: Do the last part of your post, and we, the Duterte- supporting Filipino people will put you in the den of Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong upon seeing your own ruin of mind. Accept the challenge damned boy!”



  1. adik , sayang ka ...papa mo subra bait at kilala ...sinira molang imahain nya.....adik mag pa rehab ka

  2. If you can say something good nor you can even help the people in the Philippines then is better do not say anything that can ruin our best President's personality.


  3. You are one of the Salut FYI������!!! Before you judge the President, Look at yourself. Shame on you������������

  4. Anu kaya gab valenciano at sa susunod na eleksyon eh kumandidato ka presidente..tingnan kung ano maisipan at magagawa mu sa mga Pinoy..cnu cnu magiging cabinet secretary mu??

  5. I am really waiting for someone to post a message like this. Hope this will ignite change to the minds of those aliens who wants to oust Duterte. Our president actually needs our support the most during these moments, it is not easy to govern millions of people with different attitudes and views. Dagdag pa kayo sa stress. So let us instead pray for our dear President and for this pandemic disease to stop already.

  6. "Step down sir, or we will do it for you" We?! Saan mo hahanapin yung 'we' hahaha.


  8. God bless,u, presedent duterte !!!

  9. Palabasin nga yan,hayaan mahawa ng virus,

    Gago is the new genius ka
    Anung gusto mo adik?
    Oust covid or oust duterte?

  10. At this point in time, prayer is the best thing we can politics, no criticisms unless it is necessary and would suggest help to fight this pandemic...Let us be the best citizen we can be it is not one's is our fight! The only good thing we can do as of now is help ang pray to end this pandemic. God bless us all!

  11. Sayang kung ano ka buti ng ama mo ganoon kadin ka GAGO.. ADIK look at your face so disgusting... Miron idiotic... Shut your mouth and rehab yourself

  12. Ow fuck you gab! Really?! U think u have the brains or even the intellect? Fuck U! U dont even have fans to come & support ur carreer to prosper! Tapos sasabihin mo WE will do the ousting for U?! C'mon ASSHOLE! WE DARE U to try! Challenge accepted! Dumbass spoiled piece of shit!!! 👊